7 Long Form Sales Page Templates You Can Download And Use Right Away

On your search for long-form sales page templatesthere is no shortage of tools and software you can use to get your point across to your audience.
While you might have plenty of options, how many of these options actually help you convert your subscribers or leads into dollar signs?
Many sales page templates are bare-bones and as basic as possible. In this article, I’m taking seven of our best sales page templates from Systeme.io to show you how I use the templates to convert like crazy.
By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to jump at the opportunity of scooping up one of these templates, and I’ll show you what you need to do to get one for yourself.

1. Choosing the perfect sales page template

If you’re starting a new business or looking to dive into online sales, you need to understand how to build and design the perfect sales page.
Systeme.io provides templates that already convert at a high level, so that takes a lot of the thought out of the process.

1.1. What is a sales page? 

What is a sales page
If you’re new to the online sales game, you might not even know what a sales page is or what its purpose is.
To describe it in the most basic way possible, your sales page is a step in your funnel that exists to convince people to buy what you’re offering.
This section of your funnel needs to be so compelling and intricate that your leads are salivating while they’re reading it.
The best sales pages convert consistently because they make the reader feel like they have no choice but to act.
It makes them want what you’re offering so bad that they’re willing to pull out their wallets and take action right now.

2. Let’s start with template list 

Template 1: Take it slow

Template 1
This first template starts with a video at the top. Here is where you would explain a bit about your product or service and show people how it will change their life.
Make sure to test out plenty of headlines here as well.
From there, readers will scroll down the page to find plenty of headlines to break up the text.
In between these headlines, you’ll want to continue to preach the benefits of how your product or service will change their life.
The entire first minute or two of your sales page should focus on convincing and explaining rather than selling.
Halfway through the template is where you want to start transitioning into your solution.
You’ve preached the benefits, you’ve explained what it will do for their life, now you can start showing them exactly what your product is and why they need to have it.
Systeme.io makes this so easy because the template outlines everything for you. All you need to do is fill it in with great copy using the tips I gave you above.

What I like about this template: 

  • Frequent headings to break up the text and make it easier to follow 
  • A video at the beginning helps get the point across to people who won’t read the rest
  • Social proof at the bottom with photos of real people helps build trust

Template 2: Visuals work best

Template 2
Our second template uses the power of visual marketing to convert warm leads into paying customers.
We live in an age where visuals are what keeps people on sales pages, and you plenty of them to get the job done.
This template works great for any business or service where you need to showcase what you do more than talk about it.
At the bottom of the page, you can also include your prices, each with their own buy now button.
You have the opportunity to build them up, talk about the benefits, and then hit them right away with the buy button so they know exactly what you want them to do.
Sometimes that is the best option. 

What I like about this template: 

  • Having an assortment of images breaks up the text
  • The name and email form is above the fold
  • Gets straight to the point with pricing info at the bottom

Template 3: Give it all up 

Template 3
This template starts by preaching the benefits and talking about what the reader will get for choosing your product or service.
From there it goes onto using graphics and photos to help break apart the text and keep their eyes on the page.
Moving down they then preach the benefits of the product and talk about why it’s better than the competition.
Sometimes it helps to include competitors in your copy and explain why you should choose your product over theirs.
For example, systeme.io is available at a fraction of the cost of ClickFunnels but it does the same exact thing on a simpler and easier to use platform.

What I like about this template: 

  • Plenty of social proof to build trust
  • Graphics and images make the content easy to digest
  • Q&A section at the bottom is a great way to address some final objections

Template 4: Social proof 

This template uses plenty of elements of social proof to convert leads into buyers. It’s important that you include as much social proof as possible because you need to provide someone for your audience to relate to.
Template 4
Think about it this way. If you’re selling a product or service and you’re new to the game, you don’t likely have a lot of buzz surrounding your name.
As a result, no one will trust you. That is why it’s so important to gather testimonials whenever possible and make sure that you can back up your claims with real results.

What I like about this template: 

  • Displaying screenshots of reviews is a great way to build trust
  • Breaking down the steps a lead needs to take makes it easier for them to know what to do next

Template 5: Let’s make a choice 

Sometimes your audience wants to know more about you. There are some cases where pulling back the curtain on your sales page works the best.
This works in businesses where personal relationships are essential.
For example, if you’re a personal trainer or a coach, your customers might want to know more about you because they’ll be spending a lot of time with you.
Template 5
This template does a great job of breaking up the content with plenty of personal profiles where you can explain more about yourself and why people should work with you.
Make sure you don’t forget all the tips we discussed in the copywriting section, though.
Just because you’re talking about yourself doesn’t mean you should get carried away.
You can still focus on the benefits to the consumer while still talking about yourself.

What I like about this template: 

  • Pulling back to curtain and showing vulnerability helps sell products with emotional triggers
  • Showing personal profiles of you and team members is a great way to relate
  • Gives potential leads the opportunity to find you on social media

Template 6: Simple and visual 

Template 6
Sometimes short form sales pages work better. These work great for e-commerce or even for book offers.
If you’re trying to sell a book, you could use this template to explain what the reader will get on the pages, how it will benefit them, the changes they’ll experience, and what they need to do to get it.
In some cases, less is more, and you will only confuse the visitor by overdoing it.

What I like about this template: 

  • Short-form sales pages work better for simpler products
  • Limiting your sales page to a video creates less clutter and makes the buying process more straightforward
  • Including buttons like “100% satisfaction guaranteed” and “secure payment” builds trust

Template 7: Have options

Template 7
Our last choice for best sales page templates is similar to the number five option. This one also offers plenty of chances for your audience to get to know you.
It starts with a video followed by two calls to action buttons.
Look at it this way; some people are easy to convert. They’ll come in hot and be ready to buy no matter what you say.
Why create a barrier between you and the sale? Convert them as soon as possible by offering them a CTA right away.
Others will take a bit longer to convert; for these people, you can keep the copy rolling down the page and create new opportunities for you to convert along the way.

What I like about this template: 

  • Straightforward and simple sales helps those who are ready to buy get there quicker
  • Social proof at the bottom provides that last push
  • Multiple add to cart buttons creates many opportunities for leads to take action 

3. Get started with Systeme.io 

Systeme.io's home page
Systeme.io’s home page
I’ve given you all the tips and tools you need to succeed in creating high-converting sales pages.
Now it’s up to you to take what you’ve learned and implemented it. There’s only one way to do this.
It’s incredibly simple to get any of the amazing sales page templates we’ve discussed above.
They’re all available through Systeme.io and you can create your free account today without even putting in your credit card information (it’s 100% free, forever).
Our customers say that our product is better than Clickfunnels and we’re proud to say it’s available at a fraction of the cost.
In less than an hour, you can have a fully functional sales funnel bringing leads to your inbox on autopilot! 

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