Content Creation: Why Is My Blog Not Taking Off?

In this article, I will give you 2 simple actions to implement to take off traffic from your blog …

Google doesn’t like you ?

Do you feel like Google and especially your readers ignore you completely ?
If I tell you this story, do you recognize yourself a little:

  • You have just spent several tens of minutes (or even several hours) writing a blog article
  • You just clicked on the Publish button …
  • You say to yourself this time, it’s the right one …
  • This is the article that your readers are waiting for, and which will generate maximum traffic, because you have put as much advice as possible and as much external research as possible …
  • But, basically, you still doubt …
  • You have a terrible feeling that this article will be like the previous ones … it will only make a few views, including your cousin, your mother and your friends.
  • And the next day you look at your statistics, that’s what happened
  • Yet you were so sure, the article was so good !

This is the harsh reality of most bloggers … they have become a Google slave and they pray that their next article will miraculously trigger a torrent of traffic
However, your article is only read by a handful of people.
And he has few shares and comments as usual.
And, it’s not your fault.
You have applied the advice of marketing gurus.
Who tell you that the main thing is to publish again and again … with the volume the traffic will eventually appear, because you make quality articles, and you publish them as often as possible.
So you succumbed … you are in the hellish spiral of content production …
You have to write, write and write again … success will end well !
You are in what is called the “Rat Race”, to keep it simple in a wheel that constantly turns like a hamster in a cage …
And it continues, there is this little voice that says “”
And you rush to your keyboard.
Determined to lay your article quickly.
And click on the Publish button by blowing your Phew of relief: “I have finally finished my article of the week”.
But woe as usual, you have readers who count with your fingers.
And you even masked your sharing counter.
Because it is hard to cross the two-digit mark.
And every week, it’s the same thing.
The vicious circle is set up. You are a victim of unread blog syndrome.
And how it hurts.
This is the dark side of blogging.
What experts never tell you.
They promise you the moon.
Blogging is simple.
They tell you that it is enough to work 4 hours a week …. as Tim Ferris says in the title of his book “” ….
After the money will come back.
This is “freedom”: And go and spend your whole day at the beach. The coconut next to you.
Unless we really read Tim Ferris’ book carefully, and we don’t stop at the cover and the title, it appears that to have results, on the contrary, you have to manage your resources well, prioritize and define a winning strategy !
This is the myth of the “passive income” that was in vogue in the 2010s: it was enough to have a site, to create a little content, and the money would fall by itself !
If you have applied it, you must realize that this strategy is getting you nowhere.
You can’t always do the same thing and hope to have different results.
What I suggest is to press the pause button, see what is not working with your content, and correct it.
In the following lines, I will show you how to generate traffic on your site.

Why publishing every day makes absolutely no sense ?

I may have shocked you.
It’s not what you’re used to hearing.
You have always been told that publishing every day improves your SEO.
But listen carefully to these two things that I will tell you:

  1. Publishing every day is at the expense of quality. And it’s the quality of the content that will drive Google crazy. He favors it. This is why it is the number 1 search engine.
  2. These are not the last articles that are first on Google.

I’ll show you this live.
Let’s go to Google and tap: “write a good blog article”
Source : capture screen google search
Verdict ?
What comes out first ? The latest articles published ?
Ask Frédéric when he published this article on the checklist to write a good blog article.
If I’m not mistaken it’s March 2014. It’s starting to date …
Look when the second article in the search result is published: 2015.
The whole arsenal of Google has only one purpose. Do your best to go up the relevant content on the first page, not the last novelty !
So of course, we can align quantity and quality of content.
But it is not given to anyone.
Unless you pay professional writers to write an article to you every day.
But you have just started and you do not yet have this budget.
You understand, having good content pleases our friend Google. But also to your readers. And we will see that.

Step 1 – Why it’s important to have content that makes your readers vibrate ?

When you write good content that makes your readers vibrate, and that solves their problems that keep them from sleeping at night, you will become credible to them.
And trust is born from this credibility.
Indeed, your readers are bombarded all day long with sales emails from being said experts in I don’t know what.
Who tell them: “”.
However, you are a credible person.
When your readers browse their mailbox and see your name, and open your message, then if you have an offer for them, you will have a good conversion rate.
You see why it is important to write content that your readers are waiting for.
Not only does it bring you traffic.
But also it allows you to inflate your bank account.
So let’s go. We will see together how to write an article that will shake your readers.

The choice of subject

Before writing a single line. First you need to know what your readers expect from you.
You are not going to teach a mason how to dismantle a tap.
So how do you know their real needs ?
Easy … Just ask them.
Here are two ways to really know the needs of your readers

1. Ask your readers what they want and what makes them dream on your thank you page

You offer a bonus on your site in exchange for the email of your prospects (ebook, white paper, checklist …) ?
So much the better. So you might as well take the opportunity to ask these people who already trust you what they really want.
How? ‘Or’ What ?
If the person gave you your email, it’s because they are interested in what you do.
You have to take this unique opportunity to ask this magic question: What is your biggest problem with your (sector) ?
Look how I do it on my blog, I confirm the sending of the free guide, and just below I ask 1 question:
And this question I am sending to my new registrant is:
You will realize that there are problems that come up most often.
So you just have to orient your content and future products on its specific problems.
And it’s the same thing on, right after download there is a google foms form where internet users can answer 2 questions:

2 – Look at the most common questions and problems on Facebook forums and groups

Although they are increasingly replaced by Facebook groups, forums still have a bright future ahead of them.
And when it comes to finding topics, forums go further than Facebook groups.
Indeed, we can sort the subjects by the most popular.
For example on this marketing forum, we see that the most popular theme is internet marketing strategies:
And if you zoom in, you can see that it’s “how to make a blog interesting”.
However if we also see that the last messages in this category date from 2016, which indicates that it is no longer too fashionable …
On the other hand we see that natural SEO remains a subject still very present:
In addition, by reading the most popular subjects, it is a CheckList SEO (that of !) which is one of the first subjects in terms of views, and that the most recent subject is Net Linking :
Facebook groups are also a great way to know the need for your prospects.
Everyone is on Facebook. And Facebook Groups are nothing more than a community of people interested in a very specific topic.
So join his groups to see the questions that come up most often.
Just type your keywords in Facebook, then select the groups :
You will find in the groups questions, requests … the most recent and therefore the most important subjects.
Facebook groups are therefore more effective in knowing the short-term problems of your prospects.
Note: you can also create your own Facebook Group with your readers, in order to group around you an ecosystem of customers, prospects, partners …

How to write an article that your readers will not be ready to forget for now ?

Once you know what is bothering your readers, it’s time to show them that you have the solution to their problems.
But first, I’m going to show you some mistakes not to make and what you should do instead.

Error N ° 1: write hollow articles. That we have already seen and read 100,000 times.

What most bloggers do.
They write articles that fly over the subject.
Which are just selling points.
If you want the complete method that will finally solve your problems, you have to go to the checkout.
What you need to do: write a complete and detailed article to gain credibility and trust.
You are taking a very specific subject.
You treat it from A to Z by giving all the details.
And if your readers apply it, they will get results right away.
Generally to achieve such a result, you must write at least 1500 words.
Why 1500 words, because in 500 words we only fly over a subject, we do not go into details and we are not precise enough.
If you do that, you’re going to be one step ahead of your competitors.
Will this allow you not to have a product to sell ?
No. For at least these two reasons.

  1. Whatever information you give on your site, there will always be people who want to go further.
  2. You cannot deal with all the points of your theme with an article.

Error N ° 2: hide the difficulties to succeed and achieve their objectives.

You shouldn’t have your readers “dreamed” with miracle methods …
What you need to do: show them that they are going to have results with your method.
But in return, they will have to work hard.
Will it scare them away ?
No, on the contrary.
They will tell themselves that you are not a charlatan. You are credible.
You are not one of the bloggers who promise the moon.

Error N ° 3: treat your readers like idiots.

You should not treat your readers like people who have understood nothing. Do not blame them.
For example, don’t tell them, “”
What you need to do: blame the system, the so-called experts, and even you.
So you put empathy, and for example you can say Me too, I believed what the so-called experts were telling me. That it is possible to earn money with your blog by working 4 hours a week.
You should know that your readers need to be listened to and understood. They need a friend to whom they come to confess.

Error N ° 4: Not having defined your standard client

When you write your article. You have to pretend you’re talking to one person: your typical reader.
Who is your typical reader ?
He’s your target, he’s the person with a specific problem that you’re going to help.
Here is a method:
Your “typical reader” is your typical customer, who has an urgent, important problem and for whom he will be ready to pay.
You should always think about him and his problems when writing an article.
If you have in mind his needs and problems, you are sure to have a reader who will follow you, who will read all your articles, who will leave you comments, who will open your emails …
When you manage to describe the feelings he feels. His fears, his frustrations, his dreams. And show it that you understand it, that these normal … And that you will help it. You got the jackpot.
The key word is empathy.
If you are empathetic. You will become an important person in the eyes of your readers. They will recognize themselves in your writings. They will no longer be ordinary readers, but real fans.

Step 2 – Promotion of your article

You wrote the article that your readers were waiting for … except that when you do nothing, you will still not have more visits …
So you have to work on the key element that will make the difference: promotion.
What Hollywood film producers do after releasing a film ?
We see them on TV. We are waiting for them on the radio. We see them on the newspapers. We see them everywhere to talk about their newcomer.
Even if their films are a hit every time, it doesn’t stop them from promoting.
If the cinema monsters do like this. You who are just a drop in the ocean of the internet that you need to do ?
Take Neil Patel as an example: “”
We can translate it by: writing good content is not enough. If you do not promote it properly, you will not have good results. So spend 40% of your time promoting your content. ”
Here is the link from the article where he said that
How to promote an article ?
The classic is after publishing your article to warn people who subscribe to your email list and your fans about social media.
But your article deserves more readers and sharing. You worked so hard before you finished it …
You will recruit new ambassadors who will make your article known.
Using the BuzzSumo tool.
The principle is to look for subjects similar to yours.
To see those who shared these articles on their Twitter.
And to present to them your version of this content, which will of course be more relevant, more interesting and more practical.
For example, the subject of your article is: “write a good blog article”.
You go to Google and type this keyword. Several results will emerge from you. You will take the first 10.
Take Frédéric’s article. The checklist for writing a good blog article:

La Checkliste pour écrire un bon article de Blog… vous risquez d’être surpris !

Then you go to
And you put the url of the article to analyze. And you click View sharers.
He gives us a list of everyone who has Twitter this article. Huge.
What keeps you from contacting these people to offer them to share your post ?
Just send them a tweet …
The maximum number of a tweet is 140 characters, but that’s enough to make your request: “.
If the person reads the article and finds it great. She will naturally share it.
Note: if you want to be sure that an influencer will share your article, the trick is to quote it in your article, either via a link, or via an image … So the influencer will have a good reason to share your article (especially if this article is really exceptional, it will be even more valued !).
If you have an email, it is also possible: You go to his contact page and send him an email of the type.
As you are a reference in the field for me, I also quoted you in paragraph 4 when I speak of the best articles on XXXX
Imagine if Frédéric CANEVET with his more than 64,600 followers agrees to share your article.
Your traffic will skyrocket.
You repeat this operation until sending 50 to 200 emails or Tweets.
Note: It’s better to send emails than tweets. Since with the latter, your news thread will clutter with your little Tweets … and it will show that you are promoting at all costs !!!
Obviously, not everyone will agree to share your article. But there will be a good part that will do it, especially if they are cited in your article.
Yes, I know, it’s long and exhausting, but that’s what you said at the start, you never have anything for nothing !!!
If you want traffic, you have to go get it.
Generally for 1 hour writing an article, you must spend at least 5 to 10 minutes to promote it on social networks, with influencesers … If your article took you 3 hours, you must spend at least 15 to 30 minutes to promote it !
Note: If you have a budget, you can even recruit a service provider who will do it for you. The rates of a community manager are from € 400 / day. You can for example recruit 2 days / months to promote your content.
Look, what is more profitable between:

  • Lay boat items that will not be read every day.
  • Or take your time to really write a quality article. That your readers are waiting for. And do your best promotion.

Judge for yourself.
It is this method of promotion that I applied to my guest article at Miss Seo Girl.
This article had 131 shares 2 weeks after its publication:


You have in your hands the method to have items that are a hit while reporting an exploding traffic to your site.
You now know that there is no point in publishing over and over again to hope that Google will send you traffic.
Google seeks quality above all.
Now it’s up to you.
Your readers are waiting for you. Your readers need your advice.
I know it’s hard to write quality articles.
Time to spend to find out what your readers expect from you.
Promotion to be made after the publication of your article. It takes a long time but imagine the results with this new method that I have just shown you.
Especially since now you know the needs of your readers, and you know what will make them vibrate.
When you write the articles that will have the Whouaaa effect.
Imagine your readers who say this guy wrote this article for me … he really understood my problem!
Imagine the credibility you are going to have. The confidence that will develop.
At this moment, just send a small email to your list to tell them, “”.
You will finally see your traffic increase, your fans flock, and consequently, your turnover swell, grow, get bigger.
And believe me, you will also receive thank you emails from your satisfied customers because you will help them!
You want to write exceptional articles that bring you traffic.
Finally, you will feel proud because you are one of the people who will change the world.

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