How To Create An Effective Affiliate Marketing Funnel?

Are you new to affiliate marketing and are looking for the best affiliate marketing funnel to increase your product sales? If so, be sure to read this guide. This article will deal with the process of how to create an effective affiliate marketing funnel.

STEP 1: Understand conversion funnels

These are steps or pages that the potential customer goes through before purchasing. It had evolved to include pre-launch and post-launch funnels coupled with a complex e-mail marketing campaign. But the ultimate goal remains to make sales.

Types of funnels

You can only have a complete understanding of funnels if you know the different types. Here are some high conversion funnels that you should know about.

E-mail capture funnel

The main objective: generate new prospects for the company.
Ideal for: new business owners who continue to develop their audience.
This funnel is perfect for new business owners who always launch their brand and develop their audience. To gain ground, they must attract as many people to their funnel, and the best way to do this is to use an e-mail capture page. With the right main magnet, you will be able to attract the right people to your marketing system.
Parts of this funnel :

  1. Lead magnet
  2. A destination page with Opt-In form
  3. Confirmation page
  4. Thank you page
  5. Sequence of e-mails
  6. Graphics and copy of Facebook announcements

Low-cost tender funnel

Objective: Get more prospects and initial sales
Ideal for: business owners who develop their audience but also want to make some sales while they work there.
The low-cost offer funnel is ideal for people who don’t just want to create an audience. They also want to make money in parallel. This money can be used for advertising or other means of generating prospects for your business. It’s almost the same as the email capture funnel, except that it offers a low-cost offer on the thank you page.
Parts of this funnel :

  1. Lead magnet
  2. Offer at low prices
  3. Destination page with registration form
  4. Tripwire Salespage (also the thank you page)
  5. Sequence of e-mails
  6. Advertising and Facebook copy

Content marketing funnel

Objective: Convert the existing content into the main magnet
Ideal for: bloggers or business owners who have existing content that they can monetize or use to capture prospects
If you do not want to generate traffic from paid announcements, you can always create a content marketing funnel. This funnel is designed to promote social media. The best part is that you can use the existing content. If you already have very high-performance content, you can use it as the main magnet. You can then start collecting email addresses and making your list.
Parts of this funnel :

  1. A blog article or a usable content
  2. The main magnet linked to the content
  3. A destination page with a registration form
  4. A thank you page
  5. A sequence of emails
  6. Knowledge of the promotion of social media

E-mail segmentation campaign funnel

Objective: classify your list into groups so that you can give them what they need according to their intentions
Ideal for: business owners who wish to be hyper-targeted with their e-mail marketing campaigns. You can only get higher conversions if you market your offers to the right people.
This funnel is intended for business owners who go to different markets or who offer different products and services. Market segmentation will allow you to know who is interested in working with you and who will most likely buy your offers. It’s a great way to increase your email conversion rate.
Parts of this funnel :

  1. Lead magnet
  2. Autoresponder
  3. Series of e-mails


Objective: Convert prospects into customers
Ideal for: service providers, coaches, and course creators
The best way to convert customers is to invite them to a sales call. This funnel will help you do it. This will give your prospect all the benefits of talking to you and other useful content that will position you as an expert in your niche. It is perfect for selling high-cost coaching services and programs.
Parts of this funnel :

  1. High conversion content
  2. Graphics and copy of Facebook announcements
  3. Call planners like Calendly
  4. A destination page with opt-in (optional but recommended)

Webinar funnels

Objective: share information before asking for something
Ideal for: start-up business owners who need to develop their audience.
Webinars are perfect for establishing your expertise in your niche. This helps your audience get a glimpse of how they work with you and allows you to demonstrate your knowledge. It’s also great if you want to capture emails, but you don’t have the main magnet. You can just ask them to register for a live webinar and come forward when it happens. You can then answer the questions as they arise.
Parts of this funnel :

  1. Webinar content slides
  2. VCR
  3. Webinar software
  4. Webinar destination page with Opti-In
  5. Call to action

PRO ADVICE: Did you know that you can combine funnels? This means that you can add a low-cost offer at the end of a webinar or add segmentation emails to your commercial call page. You need to take a closer look at your goals to find out what to do.

STEP 2: Select the right product

Now that you know the different types of funnels, you need to look for a product that you can sell. Fortunately, you don’t have to create it from scratch. There are affiliation markets that you can use.
1 – Clickbank
The sale of digital products is comfortable with Clickbank. It is a website specializing in the sale of information-based products such as e-books and online courses. It is one of the oldest affiliate markets with a wide range of affiliate products.
If you sell to an Internet marketing audience, you can’t go wrong with JVZoo. It is a company that houses some of the best online internet marketing courses. Advertising them on your funnels is easy.
3. Amazon Associates
Do you want to sell physical products? Amazon can help because it is the most important online e-commerce site. It has a wide range of products. This will help you define your target market so that you can select items from Amazon that you can sell as an affiliate.
4. ShareASale
ShareASale is another affiliate market. Its difference with Clickbank is that it also includes other types of products. To date, the website has up to 4,000 merchants with a massive list of products. This gives you a lot of products to choose from
5. Others
Take a look at the products you are using or have purchased recently and think if they have an affiliation program. If they do, you can sell these products as an affiliate. The best part is that you have personally used these products, so you already know their good and bad sides.

How to choose your affiliate products

Once you enter these markets, you can easily be overwhelmed by the massive amount of products you can sell. Here is a system that you can follow when choosing affiliate products.

  1. The instinctive reaction to the problem that the product solves – each product has a problem that it can solve. But not all of them are huge enough to cause pain. Because people tend to ignore the products they don’t need, you need to take a closer look at the instinctive reaction caused by the affiliate products you have chosen.
  2. 30% or more commission or recurring commission – Then you have to look at the structure of the commissions. You will want to make the most of your promotions. Commissions over 30% are ideal. But it’s even better if he has a recurring commission.
  3. Proven History – You need a product that has proven its worth. You will see it in the history of the product. This is where you will see the total number of sales and the typical conversion rate for this product when it is promoted.
  4. Promoted by the best affiliates – You will also want to consult the products announced by the best affiliates. They chose these products because they know they are changing. You may also want to promote them.

STEP 3: Create your ideal affiliate marketing funnel

Now that you know the different types of conversion funnels and know where you will supply your affiliate products, it’s time to create your ideal marketing funnel. You will see that you have the right funnel if it responds to the problems of your target market, and you quickly get prospects and sales. In addition to this, it should also establish your expertise because of the content you produce.

Here’s what your funnel should look like.

1 – It should have the main magnet that attracts your audience. It also establishes your expertise from the start.
2 – It should have a segmentation system in your target market so that you know immediately who your customers are
3 – You should have a destination page with an option to send them the series of emails when they are inside the funnel
4 – You should have a low-cost offer to help you with your advertising expenses and further establish your expertise in your target market
5 – A daily and easy-to-follow system that you will use to generate organic prospects to your conversion funnel every day.
6 – An offer of affiliation with a high conversion rate that you have personally used in your company.
7 – Advertising and Facebook copy so that you can get more traffic and prospects in your funnel
As you can see, this is a combination of all the funnels discussed in this article. You can change it if you plan to give free calls or webinars. But the system is always the same.

STEP 4: Promote your funnel in the right way

You don’t have to be shady when you promote your conversion funnels. Consider it less publicity and more sharing. You have found this opportunity fantastic and you share it with other people. There are two steps to this process.
Go to where your market is
It is essential that you know where your ideal customers are. If you continue to publish your offers on pages where they are not converted, you will always hear crickets and find that no one will commit to your publication. Make sure you are in the right place.
Invite them to your party
As mentioned, you should always approach your potential customers with an invitation. Invite them instead of selling. You will find that they will respond better to your promotions if you do this.
Create useful content
The best way to promote your business is to keep helping people. It is essential that you continue to create content that is useful to your audience. This will help your funnel continue to attract your ideal customers.
As you can see, creating an effective affiliate marketing funnel is not that difficult. You just need to understand the funnels, select the right product, create your funnel and promote it. It is a simple four-step process that everyone can follow.

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