How to Get Traffic for Your Landing Page using YouTube

YouTube is a powerful platform that can be leveraged to build traffic for your landing page.
With the right strategy and content, you should be able to get many views on your video which will lead to more people visiting your landing page and opting into your email list.
In this post, we are going to discuss 5 ways you can use YouTube as a marketing tool.

Creating Compelling Content

The first step to using YouTube as a marketing tool is creating compelling content.
You need to create videos that will be highly shareable on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
The more views you get the better chance of getting people on your landing page so it’s important for your content to go viral across not only YouTube but other social media sites too.
To increase chances of getting lots of video views consider the following tips:

Keep Videos Short

People tend not to spend long watching longer than 20 minutes. Keep all your videos under 15 minutes if possible with each video focusing on one topic or idea.
If you have multiple ideas then try splitting this into separate videos instead rather than just making one long mega-video that no-one will want to watch.

Use Thumbnails

Thumbnail images are what people will see before they click on your video and decide whether or not it’s interesting enough for them to continue watching.
Make sure you use a good quality image that is high resolution as this can be the difference between someone reading/watching your content or just moving onto another one of the thousands of videos out there.
You should consider using tools like Canva which make it really easy for you to create designs such as these without any graphic design skills required.
Or if you happen to have some basic Photoshop skills, then take advantage of YouTube templates available online such as those from Placeit.
These types of resources can save hours off creating graphics yourself! The more likes, comments and shares you get on your video, the more views it will attract.
So make sure to engage with other people’s videos using the tools provided by YouTube such as liking, favoriting, sharing, and commenting.
This can be a great way of getting attention for yourself, while also helping out others!

Incorporate Keywords

Using keywords in both your title and description is essential if you want to increase views on your videos.
If someone searches for anything related to what you’re talking about then they should see some results that are relevant (including yours).
You’ll need to find which ones work best though but one simple trick would be trying out different variations like “how do I”, “tips” or “guide”.
With all these tips in mind, you should be able to build a following on YouTube and create lots of traffic for your website.
You can take it even further by creating a whole series of videos all about the same topic which will help bring people back to watch more content from you while also building trust with your audience.

Use a lead magnet to get people to opt into your email list

Your email list is your most valuable asset. It will be the place where you can send all of your marketing campaigns with links back to your website, landing pages, or products/services that people are interested in.
This allows you to build trust and authority within a certain niche which gives you higher chances of selling things when they’re ready to buy.
There are many strategies for building an email list but one great way is through giving something away for free in return for someone’s name and email address.
A lead magnet could be anything from access to exclusive content not available on your blog (or YouTube), white papers, ebooks etc…
The possibilities really are endless here! You just need something that adds value so it feels like more than just a simple exchange.
You can then use these email addresses to send people back to your YouTube channel whenever you have a new video going live.
Use the Systeme autoresponder service which is free and allows you to create newsletters that automatically get sent out when you add in specific dates such as the day of your latest blog post or YouTube upload.
This ensures that all subscribers receive notifications about what is happening within your business, driving more traffic every time!

Strong call-to-action

Include a strong call-to-action within your videos to click on the link in the description that drives people towards signing up for something they find valuable… which happens to be one of your lead magnets!
With all these tips in mind, you should be able to build a following on YouTube and create lots of traffic for your website and landing pages.

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