How To Increase Blog Traffic In 2022

Find out a series of tricks that will help you increase the number of visitors to your blog

On the way to conquer visitors…

Some of the techniques dedicated to improving blog traffic are identical to those of a classic website, but there are approaches that are really specific to the typology of a blog. We will study these different methods in order to help you boost your web traffic and this gradually over time.
Increasing the number of blog visitors is an operation that requires patience and must be accepted so as not to be discouraged too quickly.
The game is really worth the effort because, in parallel with this, there are many monetization techniques that generate income, even if the blog does not display 6-digit traffic.
Some web influencers have blogs that exceed one million monthly visitors … that is, traffic that makes you dizzy! That said, it is not necessary to reach such a volume to have good financial spinoffs with your blog.
Let us now turn to a series of measures to be implemented.

Produce rich content continuously

If there were to be only one technique then it would be necessary to keep this one: the creation of dense, relevant, and well-targeted content. The content will have a direct and indirect impact on the increase in the audience of your blog. Ideally, it should be :

  • Produce and publish as much content as possible and repeatedly over time on the blog
  • Choose subjects corresponding to keywords much sought after by Internet users so that the newly published content continues to create a natural audience on the blog (thanks to the natural SEO mechanics on Google).
  • Choose niche topics so that blog positioning on Google can be easier. A niche is often devoid of powerful competitors and this leaves much more room on Google for the blog

The articles that you must publish on your blog must have a fairly substantial size, namely at least 1500 or 2000 words. By doing so you will eliminate a large part of the competitors with much less rich and relevant content. If you want to improve the traffic in your blog, you will have to be aggressive and merciless!
Other useful tips can be found in the section dedicated to the writing of sponsored articles.
The traffic in your blog is largely acquired thanks to Google. Therefore, your articles should follow the basic recommendations of the SEO :

  • Keywords should be inserted and your lexical field should be quite varied and rich
  • The tags and titles of your articles should be optimized to match the requests typed on Google
  • You will need to illustrate your articles with optimized images (file name, title, and alt)
  • You will need to insert well-chosen links (we will discuss this part right after)

The internal Linking at the blog

The links inserted within your blog will have a significant impact on its ability to attract traffic. At first glance, we might think that only incoming links count but internal links and outgoing links are also of significant importance.
Internal links are a link juice driver and help strengthen page authority within your blog. If you want to position a specific page on your blog on Google because it corresponds to a very strategic request, then other pages of your blog will have to make links to it. Your “target page” will reap more juice and have a better ability to rank on Google … and so it can generate more natural traffic for your blog.
Then concerning the outgoing links, that is to say, the links inserted within the articles of your blog will point to sites external to your media. These links send juice back to the outside and you might think it will serve your blog. Now it’s a little more complicated than that …. If the outgoing link points to “a site of authority”, the subject of which is intimately linked to the theme of your article, then Google will see it as a “strong coherence act” and it will be all the more inclined to improve the notation of the page of your blog, which will play on the position of this page on Google and therefore indirectly on the total traffic of your blog.

The Linking external to the blog

We have seen that positioning your blog on Google plays an important role in determining its future traffic. To increase it you will also need to carry out strategic actions aimed at increasing the number of links pointing to your blog. This mission is sometimes called backlinking.
Incoming links to your blog are counted by Google which uses it to determine the rank page of each site on the web. It then relies on this notation to highlight in the classification of its search engine, the most popular sites.

Create a circle of bloggers

Another technique to improve the audience of your blog is to rely on the audience of other external bloggers. The idea is to extend your relationships to build partnerships with bloggers working in the same theme as you. For example, you can negotiate visibility s between your blogs and participate in the creation of a blogroll.
This system incorporates in some ways the principle of exchange of SEO links between web actors. There are still some precautions to be taken so that woven links are favorably perceived by Google.

Share posts on social networks

Some blogs have considerable web audiences, focusing mainly on social media. Some of them publish several articles a day and systematically share them on their Facebook pages. Fans see the posts arriving on their current thread and with the help of a single click, they find themselves directly redirected to the blog at the origin of the post. This mechanism requires continuous publication on social networks but as the number of fans increases, the web traffic accumulated on the blog grows all the more!

Bet on guest blogging

Guest blogging operations can also be beneficial in boosting the audience of your blog. You can intervene as a guest blogger as well as a host blogger. If you are the guest and you publish an article on a remote blog, you will get juice SEO through backlink and maybe direct traffic if the remote blog is influential.
As a host, you will gain content that will allow you to touch new keywords on google and will give you an additional opportunity to do a post on social networks (bringing traffic back to your blog, as we just saw in the previous part).

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