How to make money on YouTube without making a video?

Money, popularity, and the use of dreams are just some of the many benefits of being a YouTuber. We all dreamed of becoming a creator of YouTube, but most of us were unfit for it. Also, we sometimes assimilate all YouTube videos. To the point where you think it is practically impossible to
It is also important to emphasize that YouTube is brewing a lot of money and is becoming more and more notoriety.
Which is causing it to be more and more essential in the field of promotion or to be a channel for distributing online business. So, we have a commitment through this article to enlighten you on being able to make money on YouTube without making a video.
At the same time, this will be a show of strength and the diversity that this application has in producing financial income.
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How to make money on YouTube without making a video?

The way to the YouTuber is difficult, especially at the beginning, when you give the best of yourself and the views under your videos are 0. But if you read this post, you are very lucky, because today you will understand everything there is to do to make money on YouTube without making a video. It will therefore be a question of taking into account all activities which are linked to YouTube, but which are different from the setting up of video.
How much YouTube to make money? This is a very useful article that will take you to take off financially; read it with great interest. Also, in order to be able to make money, do you know that music is taken into account?
Make money on YouTube without making videos

Make money on YouTube without making a video with the songs

You have probably listened to songs on YouTube several times without thinking of who created them, sang them or promoted them. These are mainly songs from popular channels. You probably think that behind these channels, there are one or more people who record songs and then download them.
This is not really the case, the songs in these channels are usually created by people who have nothing to do with the creators of the channel. These channels then host songs from other creators who have scored their songs without copyright.

What it is?

This means that each song downloaded to the network and marked as, without copyright and can be used for free in films and others. The only important thing to remember is that you need to add information about the creator of the song to the description of your video.

Why do songs make money on YouTube without making a video?

So we started to list all the things necessary to start recording. But it turns out that we don’t have the expensive equipment, talent or courage to appear before the camera. Have the guarantee that all the great YouTubers thought the same way, but did not listen to his internal reviews, but started recording.
As you know, there are many people in the world who need music for their movies. These creators spend a lot of time online searching for free songs for their recordings in order to monetize their work. This is your chance, how about creating a channel that puts free songs to use online. Thus, these creators will have all the free songs in one place. So you have content and you have an audience, a real recipe for success.

Is this activity profitable?

It is easy to see that the number of subscribers on the different YouTube channels is constantly increasing. With these subscriptions, it means that people need this kind of music. The truth is that there are a lot of people who just like to listen to these songs because let’s face it, most of them are good.
This will mean that it is mandatory to create quality content. Because if we force ourselves to create quality videos, it must be the same with regard to music. In case, you couldn’t make the most of YouTube to get what you want, click here: YouTube Business Academy.
This will allow you :

  • to have tens of thousands of Euros with YouTube even by being a novice ;
  • attract prospects to your free sales pages;
  • increases your results with good strategies.

What about income?

A channel can make a lot of money on YouTube without making a video. Because song downloads increase every day that God does. And contrary to the principles of YouTube videos when it comes to views, you can quickly and easily get rich.
To be more complete in, read this exceptional article: How to monetize its YouTube channel ? We just saw an idea that saves money on YouTube without making a video. Do you know how to actually get access to the songs ?

How to access songs on YouTube ?

Access one of these videos, right-click the video and copy the URL of the video. Then go to one of the sites that allows you to download videos from YouTube. Once at this level, you just have to stick the link and click the “Convert” button after a short load, the “Download” button will appear, clicking on which you will download the song.
It is now necessary to add an image to the background of the video. For this, the best source of free photos to use is a gifted application in the field, like Pixabay. After accessing one of these pages, enter the word with which your photo should be associated and find the one that interests you most. Download and start putting it together.
After this idea to make money on YouTube without making a video, do you know others ?

Create a video to make money on YouTube without making a video

Above all, we must clarify that creating a video is different from making a video. There are several free programs that allow you to make money on YouTube without making a video. To create videos, open it and assemble your image and song. If you have difficulty understanding these programs, search the Internet for information on this subject. Most often, these are very easy and practical programs to use.
The sticker is one of the most important things to be successful on YouTube. This is the first thing your future spectator sees. So you have to make sure it looks really good. Some free websites like Canva are very practical in this direction. This will allow you to easily create not only a sticker but also a logo or background of the chain.

Where to find the videos to use them ?

At this stage, you just have to download your video. However, remember to include information about the songwriter in the video description. Therefore, you must return to the film in which you took the song, open the description, look for information on the author.
Put all the links related to this song. Just copy in addition to your links, subscribe to whatever you want, put the same links as in the description of the video from which you took the video. Of course, only information about a given video, not the channel that published it.

Tracking videos created to make money on YouTube without making a video

Now what matters is the patience and systematic downloading of the movies at least once a day. We know you won’t get a thousand views right away, but if you persevere, your videos will eventually gain popularity. You can learn interesting techniques that will help you win viewers, including how to choose tags.
You also have the option of using blogs to promote and thereby make money with YouTube. You could now win
money from YouTube thanks to this article that has already proven itself: Earn money with YouTube: top 15 steps to understand how payment works.
Thereafter, we will see a third idea which will surely interest you too.

Sell your channel to make money on YouTube without making a video

After the creation of a YouTube channel, if you take into account the rules in this area, your channel will necessarily have a large audience and a lot of notoriety. It is indeed thanks to this notoriety, through the number of subscribers and the number of views that this channel will have to be sold.

The establishment of a buffer YouTube channel

Any account saved to a Gmail account will do the trick. Then go to YouTube, create a channel that the system offers in case it is not already present. Then you will have to check the account because it is necessary that the channel works correctly and downloads videos of more than 15 minutes. Verification is performed using a mobile phone number in the creation studio in the “Chain” section.

Searching for content for his channel to make money on YouTube without making a video

The task is to find content on YouTube that will not receive warnings and blockages. It is very easy to verify, you must download 5 to 10 videos of the subject chosen on the buffer channel, with access via a link, and wait about a week. There are different development options.
Indeed, the holder of the content right, if connected to the system, has 3 policies that he can use. Block, monetize in his favor or follow, more simply and monetize in his favor. In other words, they don’t mind if you take someone else’s content, they just take money for views.
Once the content has been tested on the buffer channel, you will receive a notification by mail and on the channel if this happens. So you can download up to 50 videos to download to the channel.

Organizing the channel to make money on YouTube without making a video

On your channel, dozens of videos are downloaded with access via the link, you must now organize the channel. The design includes the chain logo, header or banner at the top and preview. That is, images above the video, all of which can be easily downloaded from free stocks, depending on the subject of the channel you have chosen.
Also, tags are very important and you need to partially extract them from the original video, to surprise the tags of videos and other people. In addition, you must install a free application for the browser used. After installation and recording, you can see the tags of any video on YouTube, as well as copies.
Here you need a little creativity, we take the original name and play with us to throw something from the name. Something must also be added, but we are not fundamentally changing it, as it will allow you to get traffic from similar videos. You must now insert your name in the description and add it to this video “Video title”.
We can add hashtags to the description of the video. These are essentially the same tags that you have already picked up, but written with a # sign. We take 5 to 10 hashtags and write through the hashtag sign and using an underscore if you use sentences.

The mechanism of publishing a channel to make money on YouTube without making a video

You can publish 1 to 3 videos for the first 4 to 6 days, then it is possible for 5 to 6. But no more per day, preferably at different times. Then we wait for YouTube to start adding videos to similar videos and sharing traffic with us for free. It is therefore important to be patient because in the next 3 months, the situation on the chain will not change much.
But then, if you have done everything right, the channel will start to collect a thematic audience and gain views. But before all that, you had the option of copying 50 to 60% of the original tags. It is also advisable to use creative and alternative services to select keys, such as the keyword tool. Also, depending on the names and existing tags, this will increase the chances of referencing.

The winnings generated by a channel to make money on YouTube without making a video

In 6 to 12 months, you will be able to sell such a channel, the price will depend on the quality of the audience. The cost of a chain can reach more than 3,000 Euros per channel. But as you understand that the number of these chains is only limited by your imagination, you can work for 1 month and create 20 to 50 of these chains and earn a lot in one year.
Everything found in YouTube’s prosperity secret is summarized through a single program: YouTube Formation Pierre Eliott. Indeed :

  • You will find ideas for creating YouTube channels
  • Strategies that will allow you to have more than 5,000 subscribers per month;
  • Methods to monetize your chain very easily;
  • And above all how to edit videos quickly and easily without technique and without experience.


Finally, we can say that seems unimaginable because, for everyone, YouTube is assimilated to videos. In addition to the activity ideas we have just seen, others such as external partner programs, and advertising small YouTube channels save money on YouTube without making a video.
All that we have just mentioned are only ideas among many except that YouTube is still full of many more. It is therefore up to those concerned to better understand them and to be able to find their own path to prosperity in the field. Also, if this article has been of use to you, share it with your loved ones while commenting on it

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