Why Your Business Needs A Sales Funnel

Have you ever defined the stages of your clientele’s purchasing process? Have you developed marketing tools for each of these steps? If, not, you are at risk of greatly reducing your return on marketing investment.
This is why it is very important to set up a purchasing funnel before building your marketing strategy.
When marketing a product or service, the development of a purchasing process allows you to support your customers throughout their purchasing journey and to maximize sales.
Here are some important elements of a purchase funnel.

Allows a better structure

As you can see in the image above, a purchase funnel represents each step towards the purchase of your product or service by a potential customer. According to statistics, only 2% of people who hear about your business in one way or another will be ready to buy. This, therefore, leaves room for 98% of your potential clientele who will need to be “nourished” with information before taking action.
Defining a purchasing funnel will therefore help your sales and marketing department to better define customers and at the same time adapt their strategy according to their status.

According to statistics, only 2% of people who hear about your business in one way or another will be ready to buy.

In addition, being able to support your prospects through their purchasing process will be much more effective for your business, since you will establish a relationship of trust, rather than “force” the sale to a customer who is not ready yet.

Generate content for each step

As mentioned above, it all depends on the position of the potential customer in your purchasing funnel, it will need different content to take it to the next step and ultimately, to purchase. It is wrong to believe that we must create “general” content to feed our customers and encourage purchasing.
For example, if your potential client is at the awareness stage, they will need content that will present the business to them and that will put them in confidence.
While the potential customer who is at the consideration stage will need content that can convince them of the benefits of your product or service.
It is therefore very important to have content in place for all stages in order to maximize your marketing. One of the mistakes that many companies tend to make is to want to put in place a strategy that aims to make sales as quickly as possible, whereas as we mentioned rather it is not at this stage that the majority of your potential clientele is found.

Maximize the effectiveness of each strategy

Indeed, it is possible to adapt each of your strategies according to the objective of these. In other words, by having a conversion tunnel, you will be able to better orient your marketing tools according to your client’s stadium. For example, you could make a series of videos that will focus on convincing potential clients who are in the consideration phase, to take action.
You could also create another set of videos for another purchase stage. In this way, each marketing tool will be more effective than if it were only intended to provide general information to your audience.
In closing, setting up and thinking about a sales funnel is a very beneficial solution for your business. It increases your return on advertising investment, better orient you in the choice of your marketing tools, and increases your sales potential.

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